Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Meet Peyton Young

Hello everyone!

My name is Peyton Young and I am from the foot hills of the Blue Ridge mountains in Northern Georgia. I am married to a wonderful women and Daoist Priest Christina J. Barea. We have an almost driving teenaged son by the name of Matteo. Right now, my main job is in I.T. as a Senior Network Engineer.

I was raised Southern Baptist in a family of military veterans from WWII and Vietnam. I played soccer, hunted, fished, and worked on mechanical things as a young man. I loved my time in Boy Scouts and earned the Eagle Scout badge. I have studied martial arts almost my entire adult life in some fashion or another. Bruce Lee and Morihei Ueshiba were big influences in my spiritual development at an early age.

I was an avid reader as well loving JRR Tolkien, David Eddings, and Louis Lamour; these gents developed my creative and imaginative side. Later in life I have had the pleasure of studying with some great teachers, guides and mentors in martial arts and the spiritual sciences. I realized at some point or another, that there was something much deeper to life that could be experienced if the inner and outer were one and the same. This lead me to my wife and over the last 7 years we both have tried to make that merging a reality on so many levels!

My wife and I practice and teach Medical Qigong Therapy, Qigong and Taichi for health, and we started a not for profit in Georgia. We are also in the process of starting a new business selling lovingly brewed Chinese herbal liniments. Somewhere in all this living I was ordained as a novice priest in Tendai and Shingon schools and I took discipleship in Quan Zhen Longmen Pai Sect of Daoism. I currently do practice liturgy, meditation, Suizen, and try to have some fun! My love is playing the Shakuhachi! Suizen Life! Long live the Komuso!

So that is my ongoing hero’s journey. Continually merging inner and outer and experiencing what life has to offer. I am excited to get to meet all you great people in the near future!


  1. Hi Peyton,

    You and your wife sound like really interesting people. I'd love to meet you. If you ever visit Oxford, please invite yourselves to stay. 4,000 miles is nothing if you get a warm welcome the far end. You don't even need to bring your own zafu!


    (aka Kaishin Inshu)

  2. Hello Michael!

    Thank you for the welcome and I do hope to visit "out thata way" in the near future. I might just take you up on your offer! Meeting nice folks and having good experiences makes life so enjoyable.

    Deepest Gassho,