Friday, December 16, 2011

Dojin Roku

The Dojin Roku Blog has some new activity worth investigating with two new posts; one by Kaishin Michael Pockley and the other by Jikai George Walczak, both are well worth the read and reflection.

Read more at:  Dojin Roku

Remember, the purpose of this blog is to connect members of the order and the greater Boundless Mind Zen sangha and act as common ground for thoughts, observations and shared teachings as presented by the members of our order.

Now that our sangha is international; with various sangha members around the United States and in five continents, it is very important for us Wayfarers to keep in touch with each other by sharing our experiences and life lessons that have helped us along our paths.  You can also follow this blog by Email in the same way that you follow Drifting Clouds & Flowing Water by submitting your Email address.

Additionally, I have published a new essay based on my Open Gate dharma talk a few weeks back on the nature of reality and the importance of the “Big Picture”   
This new essay can be found at: Connect the Dots

Enjoy the Holidays!

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