Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blue Lotus Zen Community

Monju Tengaku Marc Paine(far right)and fellow Wayfarers (clockwise from Marc) Daiken Shindo Harry Hale, Ken  Shinsan Zen Bodhi, Ron Muji Shindo Brickey, Koro Kaisan Miles, and Hadashi Jeff Miles at Southwind Yoga Studio.

In fewer than ten years the Order of the Boundless Way has grown from a small local sangha in Olympia, Washington, to a global organization with members in ten states and seven countries.  Dedicated to the transmission of the Dharma through original Buddhist teachings and authentic Zen practices, the Order has built its worldwide membership from individuals who are committed to cutting through delusion and helping others realize their true nature.  

Most recently (May 16th), an OBW dedication and ordination ceremony was held in Rogers, Arkansas, the home of Blue Lotus Zen Community.  Blue Lotus is a small local group of dedicated practitioners led by Marc Paine (Monju Tengaku), a former Lutheran Priest and long time Zen practitioner.  Marc became a student of Boundless Mind Zen in 2011 and was among the celebrants attending the dedication of Clouds and Water Hermitage last summer.  The Blue Lotus Zen community meets two to three times weekly at Southwind Yoga Studio and is open to anyone wishing to learn and practice the Dharma way.

The name Blue Lotus is a reference to the Sword of Manjusri, the Bodhisattva of Great Wisdom, which is termed the Blue Lotus Sword which has the power to cut through every delusion.  As a survivor of the devastating Joplin, Missouri tornado, Marc’s path has brought him through life-altering tragedy to Manjusri Bodhisattva’s way and Boundless Mind Zen. 

Marc can be contacted through the Blue Lotus website at:

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