Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Clouds and Water Hermitage Retreat Hut

The First Island Retreat Hut early morning on Memorial Day
The first Clouds and Water Hermitage retreat hut is nearing completion and will be placed on our Island property at the end of June. The little hut will be available for any members of the order (and our greater sangha) to use for personal retreats and/or accommodations for group retreats at the island Hermitage.
Memorial Day weekend was spent milling tracks for the window shutters and shoji screens and preparing for the door, which is in process and could be installed within a week. Work to be completed after the door and windows, is the interior furnishings which include two bunks, storage racks, a portable kitchen island table (complete with alcohol cooking stove) and the interior flooring.
The material cost for the doors, windows and interior furnishings is just under $700 and it would be wonderful if folks would make donations to help share the load, and make procuring these materials possible.  Since this hut will be available for all members of the order it would be wonderful if each of us would make a contribution to accomplish this work and make the hut available for everyone’s use this summer.

Since summer in Western Washington really runs through July, August and September it would be great to have the hut completed and delivered before the July 4th weekend.  Since, we are planning multiple activities and events at the Hermitage this summer, it would be great to have the hut available for these happenings as well.
So, please consider contributing to completion of the Clouds and Water Hermitage Hut fund, so that the Hut will be available for you to use this summer and for the years to come. 

If you would like more information, feel free to conatact me @ : opengatezendo@msn.com
Please make donation checks payable to:  Open Gate Zendo
Mail to:
Open Gate Zendo
4123 Biscay Street NW
Olympia, WA  98502
Hope to see you on the Island this summer!

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