Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet Nick Crowther-Wilton

On July 23rd, Nick Crowther-Wilton will be the first member of the order to be ordained outside the United States (see New Beginnings below). Nick lives near Kaishin Michael Pockley in Kidlington, England and works for a government agency dealing with firearm possession within England 

Nick has had a long association with Zen, having previously practiced with, among others, the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, a Western Zen order founded by Rev. Jiyu-Kennett  in the Japanese Soto tradition. Nick is well read and well versed in Zen and Buddhist literature and has been engaged in koan exchange with Michael for some while. Michael says Nick’s koan answers of late have backed him into a corner whereby his only response is to offer him ordination.

Welcome to the Order of the Boundless Way Nick!

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