Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Beginnings- England & Africa

July 23rd is a significant day for the Kidlington Zendo as they hold their first ordination and last group zazen. OBW sangha member Kaishin Michael Pockley will be perform Kiddlington Zendo’s first ordination as his last official action as sangha leader. The ordination and closing ceremony is set to coincide with the Open Gate ceremonies on the same date.

With Michael and his family moving to Kenya, the ordination will be followed by a closing ceremony for Kidlington Zendo. Since, the only Zen Buddhists living near Kidlington have young children and small houses (with most of the other sangha members being practitioners of Vipassana, Vajrayana and other traditions) the Zendo's zafus and zabutons are moving down the road to the next village, Yarnton, where sangha member Silvia plans to host zazen (and perhaps some interesting New Age activitity) at the brand new Yarnton Mindfulness Group. Silvia is the one in pink in this photo of December’s very small, snow-bound sesshin.

Kaishin Michael will continue to offer koan training for anyone interested and although he suspects the demand will be relatively limited in Kenya, he is prepared to ask the question; "Nini ni sauti ya mtu kupiga makofi mkono?"

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