Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebration, Dedication and Zazenkai

 The southern end of the island as seen from a kayaker’s perspective.

Tenth Anniversary Celebration (Part Two)

Mark your Calendars for August 25th & 26th

This Friday, June 29th, marks the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Order of the Boundless Way. In ten short years we have grown from our modest garage Zendo beginnings into an international clerical order with members and students spanning six states and five continents. On Saturday, August 25th we will be celebrating this momentous occasion on a small island in the South Puget Sound of Washington State. 

The two day celebration will include the dedication of our Island Retreat Center, an ordination ceremony and special seminars on the philosophy, history and practices of Boundless Mind Zen and the Order of the Boundless Way. All members of the Order and sangha are hereby openly invited and encouraged to attend.

Work on the island property will be ongoing right up to the day of dedication. So regardless of what stage of completion the buildings and grounds are in at that time, we will dust ourselves off, don our robes and proceed with the celebration.  Saturday’s celebration will be governed by the ferry schedule and will only include what can be completed in that seven hour window, but should include time for hiking around the island. On Sunday, August 26th, we will have a modified Zazenkai (座禅会) practice schedule at Open Gate Zendo.  

Those wishing to spend a night camping on the island should plan to do so Friday evening, so that everyone can be in attendance at Open Gate on Saturday evening.  All guests are welcome to come to the island on Friday, but be advised that there are no services or utilities on the island, so staying overnight will be a camping trip. Anyone wishing to camp on the island must be prepared for primitive accommodations – tents will be allowed but no campers or trailers.  There is overnight parking at the mainland ferry dock and it is preferred that we take as few vehicles as possible to the island.  We will have a vehicle to shuttle camping supplies both Friday evening and Saturday morning. 

First island hut near completion at Open Gate
As the date grows closer we will be able to firm up the exact schedule of events and place the specific activities at the appropriate venues, but until then the only firm plan is day one on the island and day two at Open Gate. Additionally, there will be work parties planned to take place in July and August including the days just before the big event, so if you wish to volunteer your time be sure to let us know.

This is an RSVP invitation, so if you plan to attend please let us know as soon as possible. We will need an accurate head count for both meal planning and carpooling to the ferry dock.  This will be unlike any previous OBW gathering, so be prepared for a new and different experience.

Hope to see you then!

Anyone interested in contributing to the construction fund can contact Miles at or send donations by check payable to Open Gate Zendo:

Open Gate Zendo
4123 Biscay Street NW

Olympia, WA 98502

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