Thursday, May 3, 2018

Clouds & Water Hermitage Work Parties

Summer is quickly approaching and the thistles are growing rapidly!  In an attempt to avoid the annual Thistle Bloom Apocalypse, we have scheduled two work party dates at Clouds and Water Hermitage. Saturday May 12, will be a one day work party with two meditation practice periods, one first thing after the arrival of the morning ferry, and one just before we depart on the evening ferry.

The morning ferry sets sail at 6:45 am, so it is advised that you be at the ferry dock at 6:00 am to have time to buy your tickets and get in line. For those who cannot make the morning ferry, there is another at 12:00 noon so an arrival at the dock around 11:00 am is advised.  The evening ferry leaves the Island at 7:35, so it’s a full 13 hour day if you arrive with the morning ferry. 

The second work party is both Saturday and Sunday, June 16th and 17th with the same schedule both days. Camping space is available and the Zendo is a good place to sleep, if you have an air mattress and sleeping bag. Remember accommodations are primitive (Except for the New Restroom, which is easily 4 & ½ stars! 😉 ), so come ready to camp.  Meals will be bring your own food on May 12 semi-potluck for the June weekend.

Hope to see you there.