Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Meet Cindy Baxley-Raves

No matter where you go there you are…I am so grateful to be here.

Hello! My name is Cindy Baxley-Raves. I am a transplant to the beautiful Northwest and I love Olympia. My practice began in 2011 when I took at class at the Evergreen State College, Buddhism in Psychotherapy. I was always interested in Buddhism and was curious how the practice works with the Western idea of Psychotherapy. A bonus was the 4 day meditation retreat where I experience my first silent retreat. It was wonderful to learn that it is possible to be in charge of your thoughts and I have been meditating ever since. I continued to practice and study on my own for a few years and then started looking for a local Sangha. When I discovered Open Gate Zendo and Miles I found the perfect fit. I struggled with an uncomfortable ‘otherness’ at the previous Zendos that I don’t feel here.

I was raised in an Agnostic home and when I would visit church’s I felt like I didn’t belong. The Teachings of the Boundless Mind School closely parallel my own personal philosophy. One of the things that attracted me to Zen was the practicality of it. It is very straightforward and logical. I am 100% responsible for my experience. If I don’t like what is happening I can change my expectation or move on. I also appreciate that Miles isn’t trying to convince people to study or recruit members he is just saying “Here’s this thing that works for me. Try it. If it works for you- good, if not- thanks for stopping by.” This works for me.

Visiting Open Gate Zendo weekly, attending retreats, studying great teachers, and practicing zazen daily have helped bring contentment to my life. I do my best to live the 8-fold path and do no harm. I accepted the precepts in a ceremony at Open Gate Zendo in 2015. I appreciate that public service is an important part of the Order of the Boundless Way because I believe we are all here to take care of each other. I look forward to continuing my Zen education and practice.

Cindy Baxley-Raves

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