Monday, August 13, 2012

Houston, The Zendo has Landed!

The construction the new Island Zendo was postponed by weather. A good week of no rain was needed to get the structure far enough along that it would support a tarp roof that would allow work to continue should the weather turn.  Summers are often late here in the Pacific Northwest and we really don’t expect summer to begin until after the Fourth of July. It was Tuesday July 10th when the timber skids were prepped and transformed into the portable building foundation.  Exactly one month later; Friday August 10th the Zendo was mobilized and hauled by flatbed trailer to it’s new island home.

The structure is now permanently placed and the detailed exposed beam rafter system is complete. Work continues as the dedication date grows near. The structure will not be complete on the day of the dedication, but will be “whole enough” to be an inviting venue for those who come to the island to join the celebration.  Many people have contributed time, sweat and money to make this happen and much is yet to be done.  It has been an exciting adventure so far and the transformation of the property and the progress on the building has been phenomenal.   

Sangha member Jessica Morgan has photo documented much of this process and has developed a slide show to share the experience of the last ten days. In the pictures you will see several sangha members and friend Tim Devlin, who has so graciously donated his time, truck, trailer and skills as a heavy equipment operator and building mover. You will see Hadashi Jeff Miles, in black (what else?), yours truly in green and brown, Charlie Barlow in red cap and Tim in the cool shades. Jessica was also there but never really managed to get in front of the camera.

Please enjoy Jessica’s slide show and let us know what you think.

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  1. Wonderful! Island Sangha now resting in a beautiful setting! Thank you, Jessica, for taking the pictures, and to Tim, Jeff, Charlie, and Tim for your expert help. And GASSHO to you, Koro Kaisan Miles, for building the new zendo. I can hardly wait to sit in it and meditate!

    PS: How the heck did you get the zendo off the truck????