Thursday, May 26, 2016

Clouds & Water Hermitage Update

Current Clouds & Water Hermitage Zendo

An Invitation to Visit & Support our Island Retreat

by Neaka Kaizen (Valerie Grigg Devis)

For the first time ever, our 2016 Summer Sesshen will take place at the “Clouds & Water” Island Hermitage: The dates are August 25, 26 and 27th.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the tranquility the Island provides, and make use of the Zendo & Hut masterfully built by Miles and transported to the site by ferry during the past several years.  Each structure is placed to enjoy a waterfront view on the property donated by Jonnie Paradiso.  There are woodland trails and access to a secluded beach within easy walking distance.
Zendo Interior showing empty windows & plywood floor
Miles went out to the Island last month and assessed what projects are most needed to complete the site.  There are two work parties scheduled in June and July (see details below) and we would like to have the following items (with approximate costs) in place by this August, if possible: 
·         Restroom Building with Compost Toilet (Top Priority!) $1800
·         Roofing for the Zendo (currently tarped, needs weather protection)$2200
·         Zendo Doors (now an empty opening) $600            
·         Zendo Flooring (now bare plywood) $600
·         Paint, Stain, Sealers & other supplies $300
·         Push Mower – A donation of a good push lawn mower would be appreciated! 

Jean-Luc and Preston at the Ferry Dock

These projects are very important, because they will keep the Retreat in sound condition for years to come.  The costs are very modest, considering the value of the property & improvements already in place.  And, to support your contributions, Jean-Luc & Valerie have a $4,000 “Match Fund” for Island Hermitage Improvements. For every dollar YOU GIVE, another dollar is added to it.  This doubles your contribution-!!  We want to recognize and thank our first two donors, who are helping get these projects underway:

·         Funds for Restroom Outbuilding - Alex Yuan
·         Labor and Materials for Zendo Shoji Windows   - David (Dusty) Knobel

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the season for outdoor projects is relatively short – and newly retired Miles has other projects he would like to complete, after he finished this one.  So let’s support his efforts to create a very special place for all of us to meet together.  You can send your contribution to:
Open Gate Zendo
c/o Koro Kaisan Miles
4123 Biscay St NW

To get the Site ready, there will be several work parties going out to the Island soon: 

JUNE WORK PARTY: June 17 & 18th
JULY WORK PARTY: July 22 to 24th

I strongly encourage you to escape your routine and join others for one or more of these work parties.   You will find that doing so has its own special rewards!   If you are willing to take part or help organize Work Parties, let Miles know.

Valerie and Maitri  await the Ferry

Bowing Fondly to you All~!
Neika Kaizen


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