Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Sesshin 2016

Looking out the Clouds and Water Zendo altar window (ocean to the left).
The Sesshin sign was made by Sangha member Preston "Shuji" Stanke.

It has been a busy summer preparing the Clouds and Water Hermitage for our Summer Sesshin.  Many Sangha members have contributed both time and money to close in the Zendo and make site improvements which include such unthinkable luxuries as a genuine restroom, complete with composting toilet and sink for hand washing.

This was a busy weekend on the Island as Sangha members worked diligently clearing brush, installing flooring and erecting the newly constructed restroom building. On the short list of further improvements are installing the Zendo doors and shoji screen windows, followed by permanent stairs and metal roofing.  The longer list includes the construction of three small meditation huts and a galley trailer for preparing meals.  

Our Summer Sesshin will be held at Clouds and Water Hermitage on the weekend of August 26th & 28th .  This will be a "working" retreat with a longer samu (work) periods in the mornings and more free time in the afternoons. So be sure to bring your gardening/work clothes as well as your robes and Bermuda shorts for the beach. 

The daily schedule will be developed and posted as the date nears. Meanwhile there are lots of things to be done beforehand for those of you who would be interested in volunteering time and/or contributing money.

Sangha member Alex "Anjin" Yuan puts the final coat of paint on the new restroom building.

If you want more information e-mail More posts regarding summer activities to follow soon.
Deep gratitude and gassho to all those who have contributed funds, time and energy to this project over the last three years. Without you none of this would be happening


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