Monday, September 1, 2014

Recent Precepts Ceremonies at Silky Oak Zen- Australia

Our Sangha member Debbie-Anne, reciting “The Five Lay Precepts”

“To speak no ill, to do no harm, to practice restraint according to the fundamental precepts, to be moderate in eating, to live in seclusion, to devote oneself to higher consciousness, this is the Teaching of the Buddhas” ……………..Dhammapada, No. 185

Hi Everyone!

We would like to share some photos of our most recent “Five Precept Ceremony” held at Silky Oak Zendo on 3rd August 2014.  Items within the Zendo were arranged especially for the event and the ceremonies reflected the main tenets of the Linchi/ Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism.

Our table arrangement for the ceremony

Most of our Sangha were in attendance, as the taking of “The Five Lay Precepts” has now become a standard at Silky Oak Zen. The first to take them was Merelyn Tripolone in February 2013, followed by Patrick Hughes and Andrew McNee in May 2014.

We now welcome our dear friends Debbie-Anne Sergeant and Kay Podmore into the refuge of “The Three Jewels”, “The Four Noble Truths” “The Eightfold Path” and all the sublime teachings of The Buddha Dharma.

Members our Sangha who were there in support for Debbie-Anne and Kay


In Kindness and Friendship
Hoka Matt Lawther and the
Silky Oak Sangha – Aus.


  1. Congratulations on the Blog and it was a pleasure & honour to be there for Debbie-Anne and Key taking their precepts.

  2. Thank you Patrick. We are very grateful for your assistance with photography.

  3. Great Hoka Matt!! Thank you for accepting me xxx
    Oshin Kay xxxx